Giorgos Santipantakis

Giorgos Santipantakis is PhD student of University of Aegean (dept. Department of Information & Communication Systems Engineering), in the field of distributed reasoning in the Semantic Web. He holds an MSc diploma (2009) from the same University and a B.Sc. from TEI of Heraklion. The subject of his MSc thesis was «Telex supported Collaborative Ontology Engineering (TCOE)», which enables collaborative ontology development, utilizing Telex INRIA(Paris) in combination with validity rules. This software exploits the semantics of the actions performed by the collaborative members, checks the consistency of the actions applied, based on a set of constraints being specified, and proposes sequences of actions (schedules), which if executed would update the under revision object consistently.

Further information is available on Mr. Giorgos' web-page.