Topics of Interest

With the advent of new opportunities in mobile computing, in the social web and in the context of the internet of smart things, or in other settings where information is inherently distributed among several agents who have to share information (e.g. in rescue and large-scale emergency scenarios), in this workshop we welcome high-quality contributions that address any subset of the issues raised above, with a focus on information sharing, as opposed to mere information searching and retrieval through querying.

Topics of interest therefore include, but are not limited to:

  • Algorithms for information sharing among self-interested agents.
  • Formal models of information sharing and formal properties (e.g. convergence and completeness)
  • Energy/cost-efficient and scalable information sharing methods
  • Machine learning for “tuning” information sharing in large scale settings
  • Adaptive multi-agent organizations for information sharing
  • Distributed semantic coordination for information sharing in heterogeneous and large scale settings.
  • Practical engineering issues for information sharing in large scale settings
  • Information provenance, trust and reputation for information sharing.
  • Environment abstractions and facilitators for effective information sharing
  • Real-world applications of information sharing.
  • Agent architectures for energy-efficient and scalable information sharing