Pursuing your MSc or Diploma Thesis under my Supervision

Asking for a Diploma or MSc Thesis under my supervision?

I propose subjects for theses that are mostly research-oriented, seeking for candidates that are excellent and highly motivated to what they are doing: Studying for their thesis, students must be given the opportunity to apply their knowledge, develop their abilities to contact research for solving problems (something that they will surely need in their professional life), producing new knowledge to the extent that their (MSc or Diploma) degree requires, gaining confidence that they are able to provide solutions to real problems.

Based on this statement, please check the list below before asking my supervision:
- You need to be highly motivated
- Willingness to study and contact research (to the extent that your degree requires)
- You have to have very good background knowledge on
o Artificial Intelligence
o Programming Languages
o Data Structures and Algorithms
(however, depending on the thesis you may be asked to have very good knowledge on other subjects as well)

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