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The Internet of Things (IoT) Trust Ontology

The IoT-trust ontology for the representation of trust in IoT.


The aim of the ontology is to semantically enable IoT trust towards ensuring and securing the automated deployment of applications in heterogeneous IoT environments.


Konstantinos Kotis

Contributors: George Vouros
Created with: Protege 4.2, and Fuzzy OWL 2 plugin
IRI:Old: http://purl.org/IoT/iot-trust - New: http://kotis.epizy.com/Ontologies/IoT/IoT-trust-ontology.owl
Recommended Prefix: iot-trust
Latest Version: 0.5 - versionIRI= http://kotis.epizy.com/Ontologies/IoT/IoT-trust-ontology-v05.owl

Imports: IoT-ontology (http://ai-group.ds.unipi.gr/kotis/ontologies/IoT-ontology)

HTML (LODE) version: http://kotis.epizy.com/Ontologies/IoT/LODE/IoT%20Trust%20Ontology.htm

View as an SVG file: http://kotis.epizy.com/Ontologies/IoT/IoT-trust-ontology-v05.svg

SVG file using WebVOwl (http://visualdataweb.de/webvowl/#)21.61 KB
extended trust ontology and fuzzy DL_v5.zip3.27 KB
extended trust ontology and fuzzy DL_v2.zip2.48 KB
extended trust ontology and fuzzy DL.zip1.43 KB
simple trust ontology (instantiated) and fuzzy DL.zip1.57 KB