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Museum Energy-Saving Ontology

The aim of the ontology is to represent the knowledge related to BEMS's trustworthy IoT entities deployed in museums. The specific objectives of the ontology are: a) to represent knowledge related to the trustworthy IoT entities that "live" in a museum i.e., things (e.g, exhibits, spaces), sensors, actuators, people, data, applications; b) to deal with entities' heterogeneity via semantic interoperability and integration, especially for 'smart' museum applications and generated data; c) to represent knowledge related to saving energy e.g., lights, air-conditioning; d) to represent knowledge related to museum visits and visitors towards enhancing visiting experience while preserving comfort; e) to represent knowledge related to environmental conditions towards protecting and preserving museum artwork via continuous monitoring.

URL: https://github.com/KotisK/MESO

Creators: Zachila K., Kotis K.
Contributor: Paparidis V., Ladikou S.

MESO-v07.owl50.15 KB