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AUTOMSv2 Ontology Alignment Tool

This second version of AUTOMS ontology alignment tool (OAEI 2006) is addressing issues related to most recent challenges of Ontology Alignment community.

AUTOMSv2 Ontology Alignment tool is extending older version AUTOMS(2006) in the following points:
1. It is re-implemented with the well-known and widely used Alignment API (by INRIA)
2. It synthesizes alignment methods at various levels (lexical, structural, instance-based, vector-based, lexicon-based) using different aggregation operators (union, Pythagorean means)
3. Implements an alignment-methods configuration strategy based on ontology profiling information (size, features, etc)
4. It integrates state-of-the-art alignment methods with standard Alignment API methods
5. Implements a language translation method for non-English ontology elements

The tool has been developed. First milestone was 18th of March where we submitted a final version of it using the SEALS platform in order to present the evaluation results in ESWC 2012 conference.

Evaluation of tool in OAEI 2011.5 contest, SEALS platform (http://oaei.ontologymatching.org/2011.5/), within SEALS platform (The URI of the tool is: http://seals-test.sti2.at/trs-web/tools/4a8be857-04ed-4e9a-8b58-a7896041b490)

Organization: VTT Technical Research Center
Developers: K. Kotis
Contributors: Jarkko Leino, A. Katasonov

This is the AUTOMSv2 .jar file used in OAEI 2012 contest of OM 2012 Workshop14.7 MB