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ASE (Alignment of Smart Entities) ontology alignment tool

ASE (Aligning Smart Entities) is an ontology alignment tool for the alignment of OWL concepts/properties that describe the meaning of Smart Entities input/output data. Smart entities in Internet of Things context are the virtual representation of devices (sensors/actuators) that observe some feature of interest e.g. temperature, motion.

ASE is a subversion of AUTOMSv2 ontology alignment tool, in the sense that it uses a specific configuration of AUTOMSv2 alignment methods. Such a configuration is based on the requirement that the related ontologies in the application domain that this tool is used are very often flat (no structure), have no instances (unpopulated), have very few concepts/properties (1 to 5 in most cases), have no expressive axioms. In addition to that, it differs in the following aspects:

a. It utilizes a different language translator for non-English labels, using Bing Translator API
b. It implements also alignment methods to discover subsumption mappings (in addition to equivalences).

It is submitted in SEALS platform to be evaluated in OAEI 2012 contest.

Organization: VTT Technical Research Center
Developers: K. Kotis
Contributors: Jarkko Leino, A. Katasonov

- Watch on YouTube how ASE is used for the Automated deployment of smart applications in IoT environments (http://youtu.be/R15Xnc2-Ovs) and read the related publication (http://ai-lab-webserver.aegean.gr/kotis/node/97).

This is the ASE .jar file used in OAEI 2012 contest of OM 2012 Workshop4.31 MB