George Santimpantakis

Knowledge representation, Reasoning, Linked Data, Semantic Web

2009-2014:PhD in Semantic Peer-to-Peer systems (in the area of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning) from Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering, University of the Aegean, Greece

2009:MSc in Information Management, Department of Information & Communication Systems Engineering, Aegean University. The subject of my thesis was «Telex supported Collaborative Ontology Engineering (TCOE)». The framework for collaborative ontology development, Telex INRIA(Paris) has been used, combined with validity rules. This software exploits the semantics of the actions performed by the collaborative members, checks the consistency of the actions applied, based on a set of constraints being specified, and proposes sequences of actions (schedules), which if executed would update the under revision object consistently.

2005:Attended an academic year of preparatory courses to MSc («Discrete Mathematics I», «Discrete Mathematics II», «Algorithms and Data Structures I», «Algorithms and Data Structures II», «Databases», «Database Design», «Artificial Intelligence», «Software Engineering», «Distributed Systems», «Information Retrieval»).

2003:Degree in Electrical Engineering, Technological Educational Institute (T.E.I.) of Crete. The subject of my diploma project was "Transformation of Logic Programs" (Greek only). In this project transformation techniques such as "Folding", "Unfolding" and "New Definition" were studied, and were developed logic algorithms such as "Unification" and "Substitution Application". "Ground" and "Non-Ground Representation" was applied. In the winter semester of the academic year 1998-99, I attended the courses "System Development Fundamentals" and "Computer Networks" of Leeds Metropolitan University in the Erasmus program.