Scope & Aims

The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Department of Digital Systems, University of Piraeus, is a new laboratory (started as AI-Group in 2012) targeting to problems concerning Information Management and Multi-Agent Systems.
The members of the laboratory produce tools for efficient and effective decision making in complex and dynamic settings with multiple players and stakeholders, and disparate, often heterogeneous, sources of data-at-rest and data-in-motion (streaming data).

The laboratory activities aim towards:

  • Integrating and reasoning with information from disparate data sources.
  • Designing and implementing distributed systems for information exploitation, collaboration and decision making.
  • Data-intensive agent-based tools.

Towards these targets the members of the laboratory propose methods towards: 

  • Distributed reasoning with modular ontologies
  • Ontology modularization and data partitioning for scalable information management and reasoning
  • Ontology alignment and data integration methods
  • Reaching semantic agreements in large-scale multi-agent systems
  • Ontology -based data integration from multiple data sources
  • Computing emerging conventions in large scale multi-agent systems
  • Modelling (e.g. social, traffic, etc) real-life systems via multi-agent systems.

Members of the lab are also contributing to the research activities of the DataStories Lab ( of the Univ. of Piraeus.

Current Projects